"May you flesh be kept from all affliction..."

"May you flesh be kept from all affliction..."

“May you flesh be kept from all affliction, the doctor far off,  And your inner self protected from every wound. What more is the happiness of all the world than the radiance of your  Own pure happiness? May nothing ever block your path. When autumn seeps in, plundering the orchard, May it not find a path to the noble cypress.  The earth, unfurled like a woven rug, radiates your glory—May those who would defile its grace be stifled.  Outer shell and inner kernel depend upon your happiness—May your flesh be kept from illness and your spirit free of care. Anyone casting an evil glance on the moonlight beauty of your face…May their eyes become like worthless seeds cast into the fire. Seek healing in the words of Hafiz —they rain down sugar in torrents and never forget about second-rate candy.”

      ― Hafiz


Take a moment to find a comfortable and quiet space. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and slowly.

Now, ask yourself: What in your life has felt especially sweet lately? What is it about that - specifically - that brings you tenderness, wonder, or joy?

As you reflect, focus on the details and sensations associated with this sweet experience. Let it fill your senses and allow yourself to fully savor the emotions it brings. Stay with this feeling for a few moments, appreciating the sweetness and joy it brings to your life. How can you inspire more sweetness in your life?

What can you do, have, or bring more of? When you're ready, open your eyes and carry this sense of tenderness and wonder with you throughout your day.

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