House of Leyli is a lifestyle brand that cultivates mindfulness rituals rooted in Persian culture.

Our beginnings

Started in 2022, we consciously craft meditative experiences and seasonal tea collections, uniting the soul with the eloquence of Persian poetry and the warmth of a flavorful tea presentation. We illuminate a path to mindfulness for every journey. 

Meet Hediya: Her journey and vision

Growing up, I cherished moments of Persian tea and poetry with my grandmother. For the past decade, I've explored various contemplative traditions that led me to discover my own inner sense of home.

Inspired by this, I initiated tea nights where people could share their ancestral practices and stories, fostering connections that encouraged self-discovery and empathy. Thus, House of Leyli was born, a haven for people to connect with themselves and others.

Certified as a mindfulness instructor and in Mental Health First Aid, I'm an MBA graduate of NYU Stern, a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, and a dedicated consultant leading human-centered transformation. I'm passionate in advocating mindfulness and storytelling for fostering cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

~Hediya, Founder of house of leyli

Our name “Leyli”

"Leyli", inspired by the Persian poem Leyli & Majnun, embodies the soul's longing for love and inspires our conscious lifestyle brand, nurturing the spiritually curious.